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"True Love comes in many forms"

since i’ve equated a few of my favorite dreamworks movies to celestial bodies, i wanted to do something similar with a few disney/pixar movies that i love and love seems to be just the right theme !!

remember to buy gifts for your mom! there’s only 1 week left to prepare !!



lying awake at night and thinking about the characters in frozen and all the facets of their personality has become my favorite pastime.

Сет Elsa & Anna пользователя ainaru с River Island
Сет Elsa & Anna пользователя ainaru с River Island
Сет Anna & Marnie пользователя ainaru с converse shoes
More Studio Ghibli sets

Tourists ☂




Older Gaang designs I’ve been dying to colour since forever!

You can use these as icons if you want! It would be nice to credit me if you do though.

EDIT: I flipped the Zuko icon so his scar is on the right side, but I’m going to keep it on the wrong side on the group pictures. Because it looks better that way. also I am lazy

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Tetris Tribute by tiurinam

A beautiful digitally painted tribute to one of the most addictive games of all time: Tetris!

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sleep schedules


sleep schedules

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John Constantine for gornkniznik
Color Palette Meme #17